• Wife + Fur Mama

  • Oldest of 5 kids. 

  • Dunkin' Donuts enthusiast (Caramel Macchiatos are my jam) 

  • The best happy hour is at On the Border (Free chips & salsa + cheap margs=the best thing ever) 

  • I am obsessed with mountains, whether they are covered in snow or lined with waterfalls

  • I love the beach, but hate the feel of sand

  • If I could visit Kauai, Hawaii every year of my life I would

  • My favorite TV show is Parks & Recreation

Hey, there, I'm Holly, a twenty-something year old photographer from Maryland! Most days you can find me running around the backayrd with my two pups, or sipping on some variation of iced coffee. People often refer to me as ‘Hobbs. It started off as ‘Hobbit’ because of my short height (any other 5 foot tall chicks out there?!) But, in the eight years since, it has become an endearing nickname.

I am passionate about photographing major moments in people’s lives through my natural, detailed style.  Whether you’re going to be tossing your graduation cap in a few short months, walking down the aisle to your love or just simply want updated family photos, I would love to be there to document these moments in your life!  Drop me a message, I'd love to chat!