Seniors Make Me Sentimental

How has it already been two years since I graduated college? As I approached Stephens Hall at Towson University this weekend, I was instantly greeted by two sorority sisters, which made me feel like I never even left. (Insert tears here). 

During one of my senior sessions at the University of Maryland this week I was asked what my favorite type of session is. Without hesitation I answered "Senior Sessions." If you're not one of my senior clients, please don't be offended! There's just something about the champagne popping, glitter throwing and overall giddiness of seniors that makes me feel excited and nostalgic. 

Every senior session I ask about their major, their involvement on campus and what their plans are for the future. This week's seniors truly seemed to have had the college experience I wish upon every student.

As I talked to each of them, they made me so proud, even when I hardly knew some of them! Between challenging majors, a Student Body President, an internship at Google (how cool!), studying abroad and holding positions within their sororities, these ladies truly have crushed the college game and I can't wait to see the positive impacts they will continue to make in the future. 

A common denominator shared by each of these four ladies? They all are a part of Greek Life! And yes, this is an unsolicited ad as to why you should join Greek Life. The volunteer experience, leadership opportunties, ability to connect with others on and off campus & forever friends are just a few reasons why it can help your college & working career! ANYWAYS.....

Congratulations to Angie, Katherine, Amanda & Sam and all those graduating this Spring from Universities across the world!