Sean + Emily

I've been lucky enough to grow up along side Sean since elementary school. He's the most genuine, kind person I've ever met. In high school he literally won a scholarship for being the "Nicest Kid at Liberty High School", which speaks volumes about his character. We've been in each others lives through all of life's big milestones, and also some of life's hardest moments. 

I remember meeting Emily for the first time during a summer bon fire at Sean's house. She was a firecracker, spitting out jokes left, right and center. A perfect fit to our group of friends. I remember telling Zach that I couldn't think of anyone better for Sean. 

Sean and Emily met during their time at York College in Pennsylvania, so it only seemed appropriate to photograph their rainy day engagement session on campus. The two of them incorporated so much of what makes them "them" into this session, making it unique. With Emily being a nurse, they tied in her stethoscope, heartbeat ring, and Sean's blue shirt (see below). Since Sean is a life long ice-cream enthusiast, the two of them have found themselves frequenting Dairy Queen over the years for date night. So, this weekend we also hit up Dairy Queen for some ice cream love. And oh my gosh, it was the best! 

When Sean proposed to Emily, on the island, Kauai (my personal favorite place on earth), I think I screamed so loud they could hear me 5,000 miles away. Needless to say, I am so excited for them to be tying the knot this Fall. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and ample ice cream dates.