Bryan + Jenn's Overhills Mansion Wedding

Full disclosure, Bryan and Jenn's wedding has been on my mind since I booked it with them well over a year ago. So much in fact that a few weeks ago while second shooting for a friend, I showed up to Overhills Mansion, and not the one I was suppose to be at. I subconsciously went to Bryan and Jenn's venue! (No worries, I was still on time to the other wedding) Needless to say, I've been excited for their big day for quite some time!

Bryan and Jenn met during their time at Stevenson College and since then have been through so much together already. Encountering hard losses, going to school, working, and being parents to their sweet baby girl, Annabelle. (They are doing an award-worthy job raising her) I am proud to know these two and can't wait to watch their love continue to grow as HUSBAND AND WIFE. 

Their wedding fell on the first day of Fall, so this was a doubly happy day for me because Fall is my all time favorite!

Some favorite & fun moments from this day:

  • Jenn sending her Maid of Honor to "Ice" Bryan and his Groomsmen
  • Their reactions to the love letters written by one another.
  • Jenn & Bryan walking back down the aisle to "I'm the One". All while her garter fell down her leg and I had to take it off!
  • The awesome cupcake tier (because cupcakes rule)
  • How sweetly they looked at one another all night

Thank you, Jenn & Bryan for allowing me to capture your big day!