If not now, when? Making time for family photos.

Making time in our schedules to update family photos is hard. It's not just hard, it's a task. Planning outfits, coordinating schedules, getting cooperation from every family member, finding a location. It's a challenge. So many of us say "Maybe next year," "It's too hard to make it happen," or "We don't have time" and put it to the back burner.

Coming from a family of five kids, all with different schedules, commitments & geographical locations, it has made it so hard to make time for family photos. We also struggle with the cooperation from some siblings (those who shall remain nameless). This year I'm saying enough is enough and making a session happen for the five of us.  

So, today, I am giving 4 reasons as to why you should stop putting off updating family photos and create time.

1.) Your iPhone Camera Roll Doesn't Cut it. Kids grow like weeds. Their appearances change all the time. I am sure your camera rolls are filled daily with images of your kiddos, but how high of quality are they? (No offense). And, if you're anything like me and don't back up your phone to iCloud, then your photos have the potential to be lost FOREVER. 

2.) It's the Perfect Excuse to Dress Up. Putting ourselves together some days is hard. Trust me, I know. To be honest, I wear the same 8-10 outfits each month to work, and even less variety when I am at home (leggings and a hoodie). We don't want to shop for new things and frankly, we sometimes hate trying to find something we feel comfortable in.

Once a year I encourage you to feel your best, pull your family together and take 30 minutes out of your weekend to make it happen. Side note: I want to encourage you to feel your best every day! 

3.) Photos Mark Moments In Time. Photos mark a moment in time. I've seen mom's cry over new photos of all their loved ones all in one image. And it's the best feeling in the world when I see that kind of happiness. I've heard people express how important new photos were to help mark a new chapter in their life after going through a rough time. 

4.) These Moments Are Fleeting. During a session last weekend, I watched three little brothers sit around a fire eating s'mores with their cousins. They ran around chasing one another, laughing, throwing plastic Easter eggs at one another, having no care in the world.

Although I am not a parent, I know how badly parents want to preserve the memories of their children's younger days. To imagine them as the sweet little kiddos they once knew. One way to preserve moments like that it through photography. I hope those three little boy's parents look back on the photos I took that day and don't necessarily remember who took their photos, but what their kid's lives looked like at that exact time. Simple, sweet & innocent.