Kaitlin + Dylan

When I first started dabbling in photography 3 years ago, I needed couples who were willing to be test dummies. And God bless Kaitlin and Dylan because every single time I asked, they were eager to be my models. We've shot on the hottest days of summer, and in the middle of a blizzard. So today, I am sharing a bit of their love story. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND AND I CAN'T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT! Is it weird to feel like a part of someone's love story when you've known them since the beginning? Because this is how I feel.

I met Kaitlin in middle school. We bonded during art class when she lied about her brothers and sisters being triplets too. (LOL, sorry, I had to put this in here) After that, we joined Ski Club together in 8th grade and have been in each other's lives since. 

When we got to high school, Dylan came along. I actually met Dylan before Kaitlin did during gym class. Our first conversation began when I asked him how he got his hair to look so cool, to which he replied "I use a mini hair straightener." (This is not a joke) After that we became friends, playing soccer at the elementary school and long boarding around town.

Once winter hit, we all skied together, where shortly after Kaitlin and Dylan got together. Since then, they have survived college, entering the workforce and hardest of all, living with Zach and I. 

It has been a wonderful 7 years watching their relationship grow as they've navigated through high school, college, and now, "real life". It's rare to find friends like these two. The ones who include you on their hiking trips, let you be a part of their engagement proposal and the ones who let you interrupt date night because your own fiancé is working late and you're bored. 

I am so lucky to stand by the both of you this weekend as you joined the married life. Cheers to a fabulous weekend ahead and hopefully many more photoshoots down the road!