The St. Leger Family

You've probably seen these two on my Instagram and blog posts multiple times over the years. They were my first models as I began photography and they are still willing to stand in front of my camera years later.

But, this time is different. Now, there is the teeniest, tiniest little babe stealing everyone's hearts. I still can't believe this little human is theirs and I get the opportunity to watch her grow before my very eye. She doesn't know how lucky she is (yet). My friend Amy, who I met while in Hawaii reached out saying she saw the picture and described her as "totally divine."  I don't think there's a better word to describe her!

From the start, Kaitlin and Dylan have been crushing it. Sleep deprived? Or course. But with the fuel of Rita's Mango Italian Ice, a little (or lot) of coffee, and Kailee's sweet little coos, anything is possible for them.

Before we began this sesh, I walked in and saw Kaitlin and Dylan wearing their "Mama Bear" and "Papa Bear" shirts that they wore for their birth announcement sesh. At that session, I gave them a baby bear swaddler because I was just so stinkin' excited for them. I squealed when I saw Kailee wrapped in it! WE'VE COME FULL CIRCLE PEOPLE.

Kailee, you're in the best hands. A household that will be filled with traditions old and new. Baked brown bread on Sunday mornings and long Saturday morning hikes. You're so loved.

Thank you to my besties for allowing me the opportunity to photograph their growing family. (Insert happy tears here).