How Self Doubt & Great Friends Brought Me Back To Weddings

-Jenna Kutcher 

-Jenna Kutcher 

Self doubt can play such a huge roll on our successes, both big and small. I had stopped photographing weddings because I doubted my ability to work a 9-5, host portrait sessions AND take on weddings. Something had to give, so I removed the biggest part of my self doubt, weddings. We are our own worst critics. I told myself "There are so many others who do the same line of work. Why would someone choose me over them?" Another excuse to run away from something that challenged me. It turns out giving up weddings also gave up a portion of my creativity, excitement and overall love for photography. 

This Fall I received an email from a dear friend titled "GIRL". I legitimately had no idea what the content would include, but I wasn't expecting this when I opened it.

"I have thought about this all weekend and I really think that you should keep doing weddings if it's what you want to do. I know you think that you need to be devoted to it, but you are just really good, and you've had so much growth in your photos since we met until now, and I think you are only going to get better and better and people love what you do."

(Insert tears here). A friend went out of their way on a random work day morning to send me this message because they felt I needed to hear it. Sometimes the answers we've known all along just need to be driven out of us through the encouragement of others, and a little less self doubt. I've learned so much during this season of life about myself and my business. Always encourage others to live their best life, you never know when they just need a small push in the right direction. 

I will continue with wedding photography for 2018 within reason of what works for my life, as well as my clients lives. I have friends who believe in me and I don't have the heart to let them down. Ya'll are the best.