James Madison University: Drew's Senior Sesh

Cue the purple and gold confetti because my baby bro has graduated from James Madison University!! 

I remember driving down in August of 2014 to move Drew (and Kimmy, who will be graduating in the Fall) into their Freshman dorms. Like any true Freshman, Drew was eager for his family to hurry up and leave because ya know, we embarrass him or something. He was also nervous, which I knew because he turned down food at Panera that morning, which is unlike him. Fast forward four years, and he's graduating with a degree in Geographic Science!

There are a million things I could say in this post on how much I adore who he's grown to be, but I might not know where to end. When I dropped him off 4 years ago, I prayed he would fall in love with the campus, make new friends, and find happiness in whatever he did. It's safe to say he's found all of those things at JMU. And let's not forget, JMU is where Drew met his love, Heather, three years ago!  

Drew, I wish you the best of luck as you take on the real world. And remember, I am always down for Chipotle dates with extra chips. I love you, even though you rarely will say it back!